Emma Margetson

Sound Artist – Acousmatic Composer

Ancestor I

Sound Sculptures is a project exploring the relationship between sound and sculpture along the University of Birmingham’s Sculpture Trail.

The latest work for this project is an extended soundscape of the sculpture Ancestor I, commissioned for the Green Heart Festival launch weekend. The four movements of the composition respond to the physical form of the sculpture: head, torso, hips and legs.

A sound installation located at the Barbara Hepworth sculpture, outside the entrance of Main Library, University of Birmingham.

Movement 1: Torso

This opening movement considers the abstracted forms of landscape, colour and texture. The resonant sounds emanate its hollow, cave-like form with sounds of the sea and water referencing the blue-green paint found in its cavities, evoking sea-filling pools and caves along the Cornish coast.

Movement 3: Hips

The texture of this movement is inspired by Hepworth’s technique ‘textural calligraphy’. This is where the bronze was cast from plaster and later chipped and rubbed to give the sculpture its weathered look. Shifts between on-site field recordings and water recordings move between the sculptures varying textural landscapes.

This project is a collaboration between sound artists Emma Margetson and Nikki Sheth, the Arts & Science Festival, the Cultural Collections team and the SOUNDwalker app.


Image Credit: On loan to the University from the Trustees of the Hepworth Estate, Reproduced by kind permission of Research and Cultural Collections, University of Birmingham

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