Emma Margetson

Sound Artist – Acousmatic Composer

Sound Sculptures

Sound Sculptures is a project exploring the relationship between sound and sculpture along the University of Birmingham’s Sculpture Trail.

Sound Sculptures was commissioned for Arts & Science Festival 2018 held at the University of Birmingham. This project explores the relationship between sound and sculpture through the creation of distinctive soundscapes inspired by individual sculptures found across the University campus. Sound Sculptures was disseminated via a variety of platforms including an augmented reality app and sound walks. The 2018 soundscapes are influenced by the characteristics and physical properties of each sculpture to stop/start between their natural and abstract sound-worlds.

The soundwalk followed the existing University Sculpture Trail Map which was created as a guide to encourage and invite members of the public, students and staff to explore and celebrate the variety of sculptureslocated across the university campus (-with some being widely accessible and some in more discrete locations). The map highlights a key selection of these sculptures, which include a range of styles, subjects and shapes of sculpture.

This project is a collaboration between sound artists Emma Margetson & Nikki Sheth, the Arts & Science Festival,  the Cultural Collections Team and the SOUNDwalker app*.

Further Sound Sculptures to be added in 2019-2020!


*An augmented reality app produced by SOUNDkitchen.

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