2022, fixed medium (3HOA / 20-channel), 7 minutes 11 seconds

Elapsing spaces, time, events, memories…

Composed for St Alfege Church in Greenwich, UK. Elapsed was composed as part of the an IKO residency funded by the Arts Council England grant, Developing your Creative Practice.


2021, fixed medium (3HOA / 20-channel), 8 minutes 37 seconds

A work inspired by the Stephen Lawrence Gallery, featuring metallic sounds of coins, foil and bells shifting, contorting and transforming to new spaces. Composed between 1st – 8th December 2021, whilst Composer in Residence at the Stephen Lawrence Gallery, part of the SOUND/IMAGE ’21 Exhibition:

Shifted Trajectories was composed as part of the an IKO residency funded by the Arts Council England grant, Developing your Creative Practice.


2021, fixed medium (3HOA / binaural), 4 minutes 53 seconds

During the lockdowns, many of us were unable to see loved ones, in particular if they lived far away. The sound of the car window signifies the opening and closing of restrictions, and was recorded whilst I was visiting my parents in Gwynedd, North Wales in early 2020 before the Coronavirus struck the UK. This seemed like a poignant and fitting sound to use for the work. 


2020, fixed medium (16-channel), 11 minutes 55 seconds

A work combining close-up microphone recordings of a bicycle and field recordings from the Elbe A work combining close-up microphone recordings of a bicycle and field recordings from the Elbe Tunnel in Hamburg, a 426m tunnel for pedestrians, bikes and cars. Drawing on the cyclic, continuous nature of the material, the evolving sounds reference the never-ending structures found within such spaces.

The spatial environment subtly transitions and morphs between the two sound sources, taking the listener on a journey to different places, drawing on the philosophy of reality tunnels and the poem by Atticus “Life is a tunnel not a cave…”.


2019, fixed medium (8-channel),  8 minutes 32 seconds

… coins … foil … metal pan … cellophane … bubblewrap … noise

A collection of found sound objects originally explored in an hands-on creative workshop exploring sound, object and mark making. This workshop was a collaboration between sound artist Emma Margetson, The Barber Collective and The Barber Institute of Fine Arts Learning and Engagement Team. The recorded found sound objects from this workshop were repurposed for this eight-channel composition, Abstracted Objects.


2018, fixed medium (stereo),  8 minutes 22 seconds

A series of dreams … Awake? Or still dreaming? The sensations of falling, walking, moving vehicles, flowing water … what does this symbolise in our dreams? What images and thoughts does this evoke as we meander through the conscious-unconscious states of our minds? Awake? Or still dreaming? This work surges between field recordings and close microphone recordings; blurring and shifting between abstract and real sound worlds. The textures highlight the complexity of these states, warping and distorting to provide an insight into our deepest selves.


2017, fixed medium (8-channel), 8 minutes 15 seconds

Dreaming Waves is inspired by the work, Inventions for Radio: The Dreams by Delia Derbyshire and Barry Bermange, in particular the movements Falling and Sea. This piece explores the cyclic motion and sensations of dreaming with small pockets of memories and abstract sounds surfacing, creating an enveloping sound world of electronically generated material, archival material (from DD110) and source recordings. The structure of this work is also inspired by a sketch from Delia’s notes, in which the visual score has helped emanate the use of space, frequency content within the work and larger gestural structures.


2018, fixed medium (stereo), 2 minutes 22 seconds


2017, fixed medium (stereo), 8 minutes 53 seconds

The waves of the sea ebb and flow, sometimes the water is calm, and sometimes is treacherous, continuing to rise and fall, dispersing without change.

This work received the klingt gut! Young Artist Award in 2018.


2016, fixed medium (8-channel)

i. Swoosh, 3 minutes 12 seconds

ii. Tong, 3 minutes

iii. Wa-owh, 2 minutes 20 seconds


2015, fixed medium (stereo), 7 minutes 4 seconds

A metallic synthetic soundworld deriving from sounds of cymbals.


2015, fixed medium (stereo), 6 minutes 29 seconds

.A collection of sounds from the city of Eindhoven in the Netherlands.


2015, fixed medium (stereo), 6 minutes 32 seconds

A composition based around the sound of ticking (the sound of a metronome), inspired by György Ligeti’s Poème Symphonique and also by various theorists’ philosophies on time (in particular the theories of Henri Bergson).Composed in 2015.


2015, fixed medium (stereo), 5 minutes 40 seconds


2015, fixed medium (stereo), 6 minutes 43 seconds


2015, fixed medium (stereo), 4 minutes 18 seconds


2014, fixed medium (stereo), 11 minutes 5 seconds