Contemplations – Album Launch20 March 2024Bathway Theatre, Woolwich
Sound/Image Research Centre Tour – Intersections16 March 2024Reid Concert Hall, University of Edinburgh, Scotland
Cambridge Festival 202414 March 2024West Road Concert Hall, University of Cambridge
MANTIS Festival2 March 2024Martin Harris Centre, Manchester
Bangor Music Festival18 February 2024Pontio Arts Centre, Bangor
Sound/Image Research Centre Tour – Intersections1 February 2024De Montfort University, Leicester
NEW MUSIC WEEKEND13 January 2024St Hilda’s College, University of Oxford
Fixed Room 2023-II: Converging: Giulia Vismara28 December 2023Limonaia di Villa Strozzi, Florence, Italy
Audio Mostly 202330 August 2023Edinburgh Napier University, Craiglockhart Campus
Sound/Image Research Centre Tour – Intersections24 May 2023School of Arts, Leeds Beckett University
SOUND/IMAGE Festival 202219 November 2022University of Greenwich
Sonic Cartography: Soundscape, Simulation and Re-enactment28-30 October 2022Chatham Historic Dockyard
BEAST FEAST 202228 June 2022University of Birmingham
Akousmata 2022: Concert 4 — Brona Martin2 June 2022Corfu, Greece
Constructs, Loudspeaker Orchestra Concert, 11 May 2022St Alfege Church
Composing Space13 April 2022Royal Observatory, Greenwich
Instrumentalising Spaces8 December 2021Stephen Lawrence Gallery
MA/IN Festival 202112 November 2021Matera, Italy
ICMC 202125-31 July 2021Online
Delia Derbyshire Day 2021 6 July 2021Online
Live Performance30 July 2021Centrala
NYCEMF21-27 June 2021Online
BEAST FEaST 202122 April 2021Online
LA HORS ACUSMÁTICA16 April 2021Online
NIME 2020 (BEER) 25 July 2020Online
Virtual BEAST FEaST 2020, 30 April – 2 May 2020 Online
Beneath the Dome Part 1 + 2 with BEER (BEAST)29 February 2020Bramall Music Building
Electric Spring Festival 2020 (Opening Act)20 February 2020University of Huddersfield
Live Electronic Music14 February 2020Artefact
MiniBEAST (curator) 5 February 2020Bramall Music Building
Ideas of Noise Festival31 January 2020The Tin Arts
Espace du Son (Spatialisation Competition Finalist)13 – 14 December 2019 Théâtre Marni, Brussels
BEAST @ Stockholm at KMH, 13 December 2019 The Royal College of Music, Stockholm
MiniBEAST (curator)13 November 2019Bramall Music Building
Sound/Image 20199-10 November 2019University of Greenwich
MANTIS Fall Festival 201926 October 2019University of Manchester
Annie Mahtani Portfolio Concert15 October 2019City University, London
Dark Matter (BEER) 5 July 2019 Art Rooms, Kings Heath
ARS ELECTRONICA FORUM WALLIS 20197 June 2019Schloss Leuk, Switzerland
Sketching Froanna23 May 2019M3C Research Festival
Nocturnes: A Woman Refigured – Barber Lates14 May 2019Barber Institute of Fine Arts
BEAST FEaST 20193 May 2019University of Birmingham
5to Festival de Música Electroacústica11 April 2019Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
SEAMUS 201921 March 2019Berklee and Boston Conservatory
CEMI circles2 March 2019University of North Texas
EMAS 40th Anniversary27 January 2019University of Greenwich
Fingerprints + Awakenings at Audior Acusmonium25 January 2019La Fabbrica del Vapore
MiniBEAST (-curator)28 November 2018University of Birmingham
DD DAY 2018 online edition23 November 2018Online
Festival Ecos Urbanos 2018 21 November 2018Escuela Superior de Música
Dark Matter (BEER) 29 October 2018University of Durham
Dark Matter (BEER) 28 October 2018University of Manchester
Sonic Voyages: Through the Air26 October 2018University of Bristol (BULO)
Dark Matter (BEER) 20 September 2018Science Centre Aberdeen
RMA Conference 13 September 2018University of Bristol
Spectra, Auditorio 6 September 2018Universidad de los Andes
NYCEMF20 July 2018Abrons Art Center, New York
Summer in Southside 201814-15 July 2018Birmingham Hippodrome
klingt gut! International Symposium on Sound7-9 June 2018Arts and Media Campus, Hamburg
Sound Sculptures Exhibition 24 May 2018M3C Research Festival
BEAST FEaST 201826 April 2018University of Birmingham
Sounds Like THIS 2018 Festival17 March 2018Leeds College of Music
Dark Matter (BEER)21 February 2018University of Sussex
Dark Matter (BEER)3 February 2018Bangor Music Festival
Reimagined: The Barber Collection   17 February 2018Barber Institute
Sound-Image Colloquium 10 November 2017University of Greenwich 
BEASTdome: Delian Dome 1 December 2017University of Birmingham
SIME 2017 Virtual Concert 2 9 July 2017Online
Sound + Environment 201729 June 2017University of Hull
Delian Academy of New Music18 June 2017Myknonos, Greece
M3C Research Festival25 May 2017University of Leicester
Noisefloor Festival2 May 2017Staffordshire University
Kelp Road 19 March 2017University of Birmingham
[ ex_nihilo ] Festival 2017 March 2017
MA/IN 2016 Festival20 December 2016Conservatory of Matera
MTI presents: Postgraduate Concert 30 November 2016De Montfort University
Sound Junction 26 November 2016University of Sheffield
miniBEAST9 November 2016University of Birmingham
BEASTdome: Emergence 7 October 2016University of Birmingham
BEAST FEaST 2016 30 April 2016University of Birmingham
BEAST: Evensong19 March 2016University of Birmingham
Electric Spring (BEAST Qawwali Research Unit)21 February 2016University of Huddersfield
Sufi-Sonic @ BEASTdome Pantry Sessions14 February 2016University of Birmingham
BEAST: Visions30 May 2015CBSO Centre
Musica Electronic Nova23 May 2015Wroclaw
BEAST FEaST 2015 1 May 2015University of Birmingham
miniBEAST11 March 2015University of Birmingham


1KO and Women in Technology AudiozineMarch 2022The Sampler
Episode 5501/202129 January
Episode 556 November 2020Rummage Radio
Episode 5022 September 2020Rummage Radio
Episode 387 August 2020Rummage Radio
Acoustic Frontiers13 July 2020CKCUFM
Gwaith Sŵn’s Sonic Darts show12 July 2020Resonance FM
Gwaith Sŵn’s Sonic Darts show6 July 2020Resonance FM
centro de arte sonoro9 November 2020Radio Caso


Sound Explorers2-18 April 2021Barber Institute of Fine Arts
Ancestor I by Barbara Hepworth Sound Installation 7-9 June 2019Green Heart Festival
Sketching Froanna – Nocturnes: A Woman Refigured14 May 2019Barber Institute of Fine Arts
I want to tell you a Story… BEAST FEaST 2019 2-4 May 2019University of Birmingham
Supporting Soundscape for Dancing Bubbles 24 September 2018 – 11 January 2019 Birmingham Dental Hospital
I want to tell you a story…9-15 July 2018Birmingham Hippodrome


Immersive Audio Workshop – IWD8 March 2020Royal Birmingham Conservatoire
2 x Delia Derbyshire Day 2019 23 November 2019Spirit Studios, Manchester
Found Noise Workshop (The Barber Collective)23 January 2019The Barber Institute of Fine Arts
The Sound of Dancing Bubbles Workshop31 October 2018Birmingham Dental Hospital
Dark Matter Workshop (BEER)28 October 2018Manchester, UK
Dark Matter Workshop (BEER)29 October 2018Durham, UK
Dark Matter Workshops (BEER)19-20 September 2018Aberdeen, UK
Dark Matter Workshops (BEER) 20-21 June 2018Ysgol Y Graig, Anglesey, UK
BEAST: Sonic Sketches (The Barber Collective)11 April 2018The Barber Institute of Fine Arts
BEAST: Sonic Paintings 20 February 2018University of Birmingham
Lori Lullabies Family Workshops23 August 2017Sampad
Sound Workshop 13 May 2017IKON Gallery
Visting Lecture24 January 2017University Centre Doncaster
Sound Workshops20 and 27 August 2015IKON Gallery