From September 2021 – February 2022 (07/09/21 – 23/02/22) I undertook a 6-month residency working the IKO loudspeaker and eigenmike, funded by the Arts Council England DYCP fund.

The IKO is an incredible tool for spatial audio composition. The device generates immersive 3D sound fields, the IKO uses an array of twenty speakers to project Higher Order Ambisonic sound spaces. For more information visit:

Activities Undertaken

1) Training with the eigenmike (a 32-channel microphone)

2) Training with the IKO Loudspeaker (a 20-faced loudspeaker)

3) Research and Development – Studio Experimentation
Time each week within the Spatial Audio Lab at the University of Greenwich to experiment with both pieces of equipment (IKO and eigenmike) and understand it’s potential spatially. In addition, the IKO moved to the Stephen Lawrence Gallery in December, so I had the opportunity to work and experiment with the loudspeaker in a different location as a Composer in Residence, and further explore how the loudspeaker works and interacts with different spatial environments.

4) Compositional Outputs

  1. When Will I Be Back – 4 min 53 sec (re-spatialised)
  2. Dreaming Waves – 8 min 12 sec (re-spatialised)
  3. Shifted Trajectories – 8 min 36 sec (ambisonic composition)
  4. Affix – c.15 min (live improv with Dushume, ambisonic composition)
  5. Echoes – c.10 min (ambisonic composition)

5) Performances

  1. 1- 8 December – Composer in Residence, The Stephen Lawrence Gallery
  2. 8 December – Instrumentalising Spaces: The Immersive Loudspeaker
  3. 4-6 March 2022: IKO @ Deliaphonic

Take a listen to Shifted Trajectories…